Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Homework-the word that inspires dread in students across the globe. Hours, days of misery cramped in your room or some other place doing an assignment from class when you could be doing something else. Skateboarding or ball for the sporty people, reading a novel or writing for the reading-and-writing sort of people, leisurely lounging around for the lazy people, building stuff for the building people. Cooking for the chefs, playing heavy rock or classical music for the music people...anything except HOMEWORK. The very word is stuffy and seems to carry the air of an uninteresting classroom about it. The procrastinators do it a few minutes before classtime or late at night, while the early-birds do it as soon as they get it. Either way, it's miserable for many people. Sure, it's a time spender if you have nothing else to do. (That's one of the purposes homework carries for me now I'm done a lot of my editing work on Yang in Disguise and I find it easy to write business letters). But homework drains your energy. When somebody asks "Wanna play a game tonight?" or "Wanna go to the _________?", many are forced to reply, crestfallen, "I have homework to finish". I'll write more later.

I have homework to finish.


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