Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A Blog About Blogs

Now that it's 2007, we're beginning to look back on 06. "2006 YouTube's Year" CNN screams. NPR asked the general public what their 06 was like. We also look ahead. 2008 will bring lots of good things. Bush leaving office main among them, as well as the 08 summer Olympics.

Sure, YouTube was a big name on "the internets". YouTube was also a big name on "the Google" when Google bought YouTube for a fortune (not sure of the exact numbers but it made YouTube's founders pretty rich!) But what about MySpace, Blogger, MSN Spaces, and a variety of other major blog sites?

Blogs share info with other people and creates a "together" sort of feeling with people from all different countries. However, that's not always a good thing. Remember basic internet safety rules!

More people get to know each other and share their ideas without worrying about formalness or correctness, just expressing themselves.

With anything. Pictures, animations, videos, text. Blogs vary in color, type, and tone almost as much as accents or food. There are political blogs, "This, like is, like so, like wrong" teenager blogs, picture blogs, which I think could also be called pictablogs, rambling blogs, optimistic blogs, pessimistic blogs, flashy blogs, drab blogs.

I'd love to hear your comments about the blog. That wasn't one of Bush's quotes, by the way.


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