Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Rambling Journal

January 3rd, 2007 11:46 a.m.
[Typed and Blogged at a Later Date].

Today--the pig day! [meant to be "big" day, accidentally wrote pig day in the longhand version]. After writing a bunch of business letters, I have been given a "time chunk"--as I call it--of free time, to write in here. K, apparently, shall come to class in her pajamas, most like her but also because her outlandish school, RE, is having another one of their ridiculous parties with chips and food during classtime--how scandalous--and not one bit of learning, I should suspect. Most children have their brain cells deadened in there, for sure! Just coloring and breaktime and unhealthy food is all that makes up the school system there, in my opinion. Yesterday's Netflix (maybe day before that, actually) would have been nice except it was a despicable French one. All those foreign films...I can't understand one bit of it. I wish my mom would stop ordering movies only she can understand! I'm in a fairly good mood because my favorite Italian noodles other than tortellini are cooking . I'm not sure what they are called. Marco Polo went to Asia and brought noodles back to Italy, I believe. Adrianna is lately a vegetarian and says things like "Hmm...should I eat duck...wouldn't be fair to the chicken?" I think that some meats are indigestible but I love teriyaki chicken, steak, and salmon, so I'm obviously not a vegetarian. Our sometimes-crazy mom is making girlled cheese sandwiches on the waffle maker. Knowing her, that's not exactly very odd. I hope they taste good. One time, many times actually, she put a great deal of flour in the brownies to make them less sweet. And a great deal less sweet they were, ah! I prefer following directions but I'm no good with measurements. [LATER] I'm masticating the last remnants of my cheese sandwich right now. "masticate" was one of our vocab words yesterday. We also learned about Hamilton, Jefferson, and Madison, I think more about Hamilton. I hope we don't have mental math. A bunch of decimals, percents, and fractions, a jumble of numbers as I never saw. Demanding word problems, Beastie's too-fast math voice, me getting zeroes and decimals mixed up and accidentally erasing a right answer...eurgh. Mental math is an instrument of Lucifer. It is, of course, exciting in a bad way. I probably score Cs, Bs, and As in everything else. Yesterday we wrote articles about increasing values of resources in our pretend countries, which I enjoyed immensely. I wrote abaout iron, a "consumer report". Adrianna wrote about evelantum, which she made herself. It was some sort of soft metal. It's not real, and I thought it would be harder to write a made-up one so I just did iron. Olus I didn't have any made up resources on my map of my country (Voledads). Can't wait until classtime; I'm even a little tired so I can't wait until nap, either, which is extremely unusual. Usually naps to me are hours of boredom thinking about things better I could be doing but cannot at the moment, because I'm napping. I have continually fought back the temptation to read during naps, as my mother's wrath will overshadow a few moments of forbidden naptime reading pleasure. She is of the opinion naps are beneficial to one's health. Of course, as we sometimes watch Saturday Night Live or Jay Leno, she might have a point, but we don't do that very often. I think Jay Leno's Headlines are the funniest. I also liked Jack Black's King Kong song on Saturday Night Live as well as the "Lazy Sunday" (Chronicles of Narnia) song on Sat. Night Live. Those who have not watched either Sat Night Live or Jay Leno may be completely befuddled at this, and still others may think that it is bad for a child of my "tender years" to be watching this, but I think that it's absolutely fine. Better than watching "Deal or No Deal", anyway! That person, the host, looks smirking and evil. He is also bald and has a goatee, which is sometimes an "evil" characteristic. [To be continued. My hand is getting tired!]


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