Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Rambling Journal Continued

I often imagine my villains to look like the host of Deal or No Deal. Not all people are like this in the real world, however (well maybe some filthy rich CEOs). Anyways...we're not supposed to use filler words like "Anyways", I guess, but sometimes it's unhelpable. That is a word I made up myself as well. I am rather scared of the dark unless I have some sort of protective shield--for instance, my lumpy, bulky blanket. I am scared of three things--my lamp, under my bed, and the window, as our garage outside light is always on and looks most ghastly illuminating our front yard. I suppose I am not afraid of the dark, just what it transforms other things into. My innocent furniture made into officers ofdarkness, of course, when other people are about, it isn't so bad. K, Adrianna, and I often go on romps about the downstairs dancing room during breaktime, Dune6 or some other creepy music cranked high (possible Slavon or something) and we go about making screeching noises. We also act the parts of machinese. I am the chopper, masher, grinder, smasher, in eternal darkness, K is the mixer, spinning herself silly, and sometimes falling down, and Adrianna is Task Manager who shouts at us when to stop and sometimes controls the music. We always turn off all the lights and try to scare each other but more likely we scare ourselves. There are no casulaties, although sometimes we might get too caught up in our monstrous acting (we pretend to be horrific monsters for Dune6) and actually start roaring and all, instead of just closing our eyes and slamming walls. Speaking of class my favorite subjects are literature and history. We have an enormous "Lit" book for literature and a geography textbook as well. The "Lit" book almost is a history book--history of writing, anyway. It is an "Elements of Literature" book. [To be continued].


  1. Hi There,

    I am a mom and a writer and I learned of your blog from my friend and fellow writer Jenny Rough. I haven't heard of many kid bloggers, but here is a link to another one you might like to know about?

    Your book sounds great. You are too cool.

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