School Assignment

Today we were learning about words with origins from other countries. Each one of these paragraphs uses words originating from France, India, and Spain/Mexico.

FRENCH: She was, they said, too gaudy for her own good, the prodigal daughter, who flaunted her faux fur with a smile upon lipstick-ravaged lips, and strode about the Eiffel Tower as if it were her own. The caf├ęs welcomed her with encores aplenty, eyeing her false leather purse so well-stocked with hopes for coins. Paris fitted her, they said, with sparkling lights and romantic nights and the cries of "Bon Appetit" heralding banquets of snails. And still her dreams and hopes were lost in the depths of ennui, gone like a puff of smoke from the notoriously ever-present French cigarette.

HINDI: Ganesh's pajamas were finely made. They were made of gold silk from China embroidered in red with pictures of Shiva the Destroyer. He preferred the more benign apperance of his old sleepwear, plain cotton embroidered with an image of the slightly overweight elephant deity Ganesh. Though his home, a bungalow of mud brick and grass, was small, every gap in the barely-chinked wall was an entrance for nightmares.

Spanish: Jove was the envy of all the boys in San Diego. A macho figure, he claimed the muscles jutting sharply from his arms were the results of one of the many grisly murders he had committed over the years. He also bragged about defeating a vicious armadillo, wrestling the large and intimidating anonymous figure who lurked in the school courtyard, and knocking down a more innocent plum tree. All of these, he thought, were quite machismo acts. Lifted by this feeling, he swaggered through his favorite alcove, tucked in the garden of the "Forbidden Pub," and did not notice two police cars approaching.


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