Another Story I Wrote with Contributions from PLK CKY School, Kowloon

Adora skipped along on the wet sidewalk with her unruly hair billowing out behind her. A large stream flowed in front of her. She paused and pursed her lip, staring determinedly at the muddy water. A huge table of food lay beyond the stream, and the smell of pizza was entrancing her so much that she couldn’t resist.
But she trembled at the icy touch of the water as she dipped her toes into the stream. It was a strong current for a stream, and she did not intend to get swept away in the cold water.
“Hesitant, hmm?” a snotty voice came from a tree bending over the stream. Adora jumped at the thought that the tree was speaking, but a pink-haired boy jumped out from the branches and smirked at her. “I was never scared of water, myself. Of course, nobody can really compare to my bravery.”
It was Bryan Relup, but Adora did not know this, and put her hands on her hips, frowning at the stranger.
“Hey there, can you cross the river NOW?” Adora demanded. “I’d like to see you paddle across that.”
“What do you mean, paddle? That word is for scum. I actually swim,” Bryan said superiorly. “And anyway, it was only an accident that I ended up here.”
Somehow, Adora knew that it was not just an accident.


  1. Adora,

    Thanks for coming out and talking at our school. There was a bit of a sound problem in the back, but you held your own wonderfully. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Anonymous12:32 AM


    I am one of those student.Your story is very intersting...
    Wish I can read more about your story

    PLK CKY School,

  3. Anonymous3:10 AM

    It was nice for you to come to our shcool to have this nice talk and it was wonderful seeing you to type so fast and have so many ideas, I wish I could actually talk to you right on our own knowing more about each other and telling me how'd you get so much imaginations for your writings!
    Best reguards
    7B Karen Ngai

  4. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Can I have your email please? I want to have your email to compete at typing to improve my typing skill

  5. Luu Khanh Ngoc5:07 AM

    I am student.You story is verry goof.
    I love Diary U13.
    My friends,Thu is met you and photo with you.
    Wish you happiness.


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