Friday, November 09, 2007

Story I Wrote With Contributions from PLK CKY School in Kowloon


I really enjoyed speaking at your school and I look forward to seeing your own endings of this story below!



Jason laughed loudly at the word problem in front of him, as he had done with the two others. Whoever had written them had certainly done a good job with the descriptions of the numbers of brands of chocolate. He finished the last word problem and jumped up from his chair.
BANG! There was a sudden noise from the driveway, like a car flipping on its side or an explosion of gunpowder or dynamite. Jason jumped back as ash and debris cluttered his windowsill.
“Aaaaah!” he screamed in a girlish, high-pitched voice, falling back into his trash can, which was stuffed full with pencil shavings and dissected insects. There were shouts and suddenly all went black.

“Think he’s going to wake up, Nick?”
Jason rubbed his eyes and looked around him. He sluggishly rose at first, but jumped as he noticed the unfamiliar surroundings—he was in a blue-brown room with a thick iron door, and a circle of masked people had gathered around him.
“Where am I?” he shouted hysterically.
“You are currently under armed guard, little boy,” one of the people said curtly, a man from his voice, Jason thought. “Best not to speak until the Head Wizard allows you to.”
“Head wizard? Are you some sort of circus or something?” Jason asked in disbelief.
“A CIRCUS? You insult our ancestors, boy! How dare you say such a thing! The Simpallpaugus Snort van Drag Iam family—”
“Definitely a circus,” Jason muttered to himself. Louder, he said,
“So, where am I…and where are my parents?”
“Oh, we’re not sure that you’ll ever find that out,” the same man said with a smirk, pulling off his mask and revealing a scarred face. “Nope, I don’t think you ever will.” He smiled in a very sinister way and, motioning to his entourage, slammed the door shut.

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  1. Anonymous11:26 PM

    I love your story very much.It's so great.Nice to meet you. I'm 10 years old and I live in Viet Nam.