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Asia Tour

So far in Asia we have traveled to Hong Kong, China; Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam; Xi'an, China; and we are currently in Beijing, China. The following accounts are collected from various emails. Info in brackets []has been written at a later date.

Hong Kong

I am currently sitting in a soft chair pushed in front of a glass-covered wooden desk in the Metropark Hotel, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. The flight was long and tedious but the vegetarian meal was delicious. First I had an Indian meal with assorted vegetables and fruit. The second meal was a bun with butter and wild rice with some sort of bitter sauce...[many of my emails are food related]
For breakfast today we had coupons for the hotel's breakfast buffet, but only for Mommy and Yimei [my aunt]. The waitress said that fee for a child's buffet was eighty-nine dollars. We were all looking stunned at this crazy expense before I thought to ask whether it was Hong Kong dollars.

I had muesli and corn flakes in milk, hardboiled eg…

Another Story I Wrote with Contributions from PLK CKY School, Kowloon

Adora skipped along on the wet sidewalk with her unruly hair billowing out behind her. A large stream flowed in front of her. She paused and pursed her lip, staring determinedly at the muddy water. A huge table of food lay beyond the stream, and the smell of pizza was entrancing her so much that she couldn’t resist.
But she trembled at the icy touch of the water as she dipped her toes into the stream. It was a strong current for a stream, and she did not intend to get swept away in the cold water.
“Hesitant, hmm?” a snotty voice came from a tree bending over the stream. Adora jumped at the thought that the tree was speaking, but a pink-haired boy jumped out from the branches and smirked at her. “I was never scared of water, myself. Of course, nobody can really compare to my bravery.”
It was Bryan Relup, but Adora did not know this, and put her hands on her hips, frowning at the stranger.
“Hey there, can you cross the river NOW?” Adora demanded. “I’d like to see you…

Story I Wrote With Contributions from PLK CKY School in Kowloon


I really enjoyed speaking at your school and I look forward to seeing your own endings of this story below!



Jason laughed loudly at the word problem in front of him, as he had done with the two others. Whoever had written them had certainly done a good job with the descriptions of the numbers of brands of chocolate. He finished the last word problem and jumped up from his chair.
BANG! There was a sudden noise from the driveway, like a car flipping on its side or an explosion of gunpowder or dynamite. Jason jumped back as ash and debris cluttered his windowsill.
“Aaaaah!” he screamed in a girlish, high-pitched voice, falling back into his trash can, which was stuffed full with pencil shavings and dissected insects. There were shouts and suddenly all went black.

“Think he’s going to wake up, Nick?”
Jason rubbed his eyes and looked around him. He sluggishly rose at first, but jumped as he noticed the unfamiliar surroundin…