Hairstyles of Dictators of the World

Hairstyles of Dictators of the World
Svitak, Adora

Looking at a picture of Chairman Mao, I notice a striking similarity between his high-forehead hairstyle and that of modern day North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il. This made me want to analyze hairstyles of other dictators of the world, and so I began my political fashion quest. Let's see...Josef Stalin has a fairly high hairstyle. (And all of them have rather chubby faces, but don't tell the Russian, North Korean, or Chinese government I've said this.) Pol Pot, infamous leader of the Cambodian Khmer Rouge, has an about normal hairstyle. Fidel Castro? Yes, he has a high hairstyle, but I think this is because he's balding in old age. Poor Fidel...Our hearts bleed for you.

Although Marie Antoinette doesn't fit under the term "dictator," her hair was pulled back high above her forehead, as was the fashion at the time. So were the dictators mentioned above--many of them Communist--ironically influenced by the Imperialist fashions of old France?

But what about the biggest dictator of them all? Adolf Hitler? Disappointingly, his hairstyle looks more like the toupe of Donald Trump. (Sorry, Mr. Trump.) Hitler's mustache really stands out more. But if any of you have looked these dictators in the eye, remarked on their hairstyles, and lived, we congratulate you.


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