Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pros + Cons of the Videoconference

As a frequent videoconferencer (I give many presentations through a videoconferencing unit to schools across the country), I am surprised by the sometime randomness and uncertainty of videoconferencing.


Problems range from not being able to see the other side (the POINT of videoconferencing) to not being able to show a computer's screen even when the presentation cord is hooked up, to not being able to hear the other party, to not being able to turn the thing on!


But at the same time videoconferencing technology has allowed me to give many presentations to schools far away that would have taken a lot of time to board planes, hook up put it briefly, the videoconferencing unit has allowed me to give more presentations.


I think that's good.


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  1. Anonymous2:29 AM

    I can't agree with you any more.The videoconference technology is a very important tool for us.