Monday, January 12, 2009

Story written with Radix Elementary Students

This is a story I wrote with Radix Elementary students through videoconferencing. It is not completed yet, so I am encouraging anyone who would like to continue this story to enter their continuation into the comments area:

The castle was huge and forbidding. It was made of stone, with twenty towers that rose up almost to the sky.
In this castle—which was called Nightmare Castle—resided a brave knight, Sir Phil. Sir Phil was known throughout the entire kingdom for his brave feats. He had slain a wicked dragon and had rescued royalty and nobility alike. But still one enemy evaded his reach—the evil Mr. Killclaw.
Sir Phil knew where Mr. Killclaw had been, but never where he was at the present. Thus, Sir Phil was forced to travel around the entire kingdom looking for this man.
A royal courier ran into the room just as Sir Phil was about to walk out the door.
“Sir Phil! Sir Phil! We have information on Mr. Killclaw’s whereabouts. He is at this moment in the great Mulapuladula Desert,” the courier said, out of breath. Sir Phil leapt up and said,
“What wondrous news! I shall put on my armor and chase this man.”

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