Saturday, May 09, 2009

Random Ponderances and 10 Events of the Day

10 Events of the Day

Sadly, I haven't updated my blog too often; I've been fairly busy. Here are a few of the things I did today:

1. Fed Minnie, our pet guinea pig, and brought her upstairs so she could play;
2. Ate breakfast while listening to the NPR comedic news-quiz show Wait Wait Don't Tell Me;
3. Helped my mom with accounting the family finances (fun, isn't it?)
4. Did some weeding and checked on my amateur garden;
5. Went to the bank with my mom, after which we walked to the library, after which we walked to the Saturday Market;
6. Bought some local cheese from Samish Bay Cheese at the Sat. Market;
7. Supported local industry and another young artist by buying a handmade letter-opener from the thirteen-year-old woodturner, Daniel Franklin (
8. Walked home, up the arduous Education Hill that, from a distance, looks like it's going straight up into the air--that's how steep it is!
9. Arrived home and began eating cheese.
10. Started writing this blog post.

Random Ponderances

I was thinking about natural selection and Darwin's theory of evolution recently and a thought came to me; with our new advances in technology, science, and medicine, we are in effect halting or slowing down natural selection--among our own species, at any rate--by pioneering new treatments for the ill and elderly, who, in the past, might otherwise not have lived. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing; I cheer on all the new innovations we develop to help the less fortunate. However, you have to wonder what the effects of our advances will be a few thousand years down the road?

I was thinking about the saying, "The grass is always greener on the other side of the hill." I would like to add, "But really, the grass on both sides is wilted and brown." Or maybe, "The grass is really just an optical illusion; the hill is covered in weeds." Or, "Granted, we're all color-blind." That might be a little more accurate.


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