Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Story Written with Second Graders via Video Conferencing

Tiger is dad
bat is mom
two rabbits are aunt and uncle
clown is child

Aunt Annie
Uncle Dave
Dad-Charles Sam

On summer vacation, the entire family is going on a trip to Hawaii to visit Aunt Annie and Uncle Dave.

It was very hot, dry, and noisy inside of the airplane. Jack fidgeted nervously. He hated standing in lines. His parents didn’t like it either. His dad, Charles Sam, was wagging his tail. While wagging one’s tail is good for a dog, Charles Sam was a tiger. He was not in a very good mood. Jack’s mother, Tracy, was zooming around at high speed. This was normal for a bat.
“Flight attendants, close the airplane doors,” they heard the pilot’s voice through the airplane loudspeakers.
Finally the line inched ahead, and Jack was able to catch a glimpse of their seats. All the seats were shaped like large O’s, and they were colored blue with green polka dots and red stripes. Inside each circle of seats was a round wooden table.
“Finally,” Charles Sam grumbled as they were able to sit down. “We’ve been waiting in line for--I think about an hour.”
“Fifty-nine minutes, actually,” Jack said. He was very good with time.
Tracy stopped flying and swooped down, perching upside down from the table.
“It’s so weird when you do that in public,” Jack complained. Jack was a teenager, and becoming more embarrassed about his parents.
“Quiet!” Tracy responded.
They settled in for their 5-hour flight to Hawaii. As they took off, Jack stared out the window at Los Angeles. It looked very strange from the sky.
Jack spent most of his time on the plane playing his Nintendo DS, until it ran out of batteries and shut down halfway through the flight. Then he started playing tennis with the flight attendants, until a passenger complained about “the horrible racket.”
“You have to use a racquet!” Jack said.
“Not that kind of racket, Jack,” the flight attendant said, and apologized to the passenger, “We’re very sorry, sir.”
So then Jack tried to get to sleep, but this was very difficult because his father was snoring very loudly. Jack was surprised the plane was able to withstand his father’s roaring snores.
Finally, they landed in Hawaii. Jack was glad that he had dressed in a T-shirt and shorts; it was very hot. Well, actually, it was kind of like Los Angeles.
“It’s stifling,” his father said. “All this fur I haven’t shed yet. And it feels so wet!”
“Stop complaining,” Tracy said, zooming around at high speed. “Dave and Annie will be here in a few minutes. They have an air-conditioned limo.”
“Sweet!” Jack said, and jumped up and down. He was looking forward to his trip in Hawaii.


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