Monday, June 08, 2009

Story Written With Video Conferencing Students

Crazy is a red-nosed clown. He wears a blue striped hat and matching shoes. Crazy was in the rainforest of the country of Tigerworld after being banished from his hometown, Bindingtown, for, as the mayor put it, “being…well, just being CRAZY!” Crazy did not see anything wrong with being himself, but apparently everyone else did, so he left, riding on his best friend, a white bat named Batty.
As they flew in the cold morning air, Crazy saw a fleck of orange through the thick canopy of trees.
“I think that’s some kind of soil,” he said, “but my eyes aren’t very good. Oh well. It’s some type of clearing, I’ll bet. Drop me off.”
The bat nodded, and with a great “Wa-ma-hiya!” Crazy jumped off and landed right on top of a snoozing tiger’s head.
“Grrrrrrrrr!” the tiger roared.
“Ooopsie,” Crazy said, and started sneaking away.
“Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr--no you don’t!” the tiger exclaimed, and pounced--but Batty was still in the area, and Crazy had grabbed onto his wings just in time. The tiger missed by a bee’s knee.
“Yowwwww!” the tiger, Lightning, shouted in frustration.
But Batty’s wings were delicate, and Crazy knew he could not hold on for too long. So he dropped--right on top of the tiger’s back. The tiger turned around and around in circles, growling and biting at Crazy, who by this time had slipped down to the tiger’s tail.
Meanwhile, Chocolate the rabbit was hungrily looking about for carrots. There were not too many in the rainforest, he reflected sadly. Just then, he saw a flash of orange.
“Hmm. I didn’t know carrots in the rainforest moved,” he thought, but without any hesitation jumped forward. He saw a little blue man hanging onto the huge carrot.
“It’s mine!” Chocolate bellowed for good measure, then chomped down on the wriggling orange carrot.
It was not a carrot, unfortunately.
“Yowggrrrrrrryowyagrrrriboohooowaaaaaaaaaiiieeee!” a tiger shouted, and leapt up into the air--Chocolate swore ten feet. The tail came off, but it was a very nasty tasting tail. Rabbits do not eat meat.
“Bleeech!” the rabbit said, and spat out the tail. Immediately, the tiger turned around and grabbed the tail.
Crazy was still holding onto it at this point. He was in a state of shock.
Ribbon the rabbit was extraordinarily angry. His entire store of carrots--carefully saved over one and half years--was gone in an instant--stolen by that scoundrel, that wretched orange animal, Lightning the tiger. Cats aren’t supposed to eat carrots, Ribbon thought bitterly.
“I’ll get him,” Ribbon said aloud.
With this in mind, he crept out of his burrow and, seeing some amount of commotion regarding the tiger, thought it would be a perfect opportunity.
“This one’s payback, tiger!” he yelled as he tackled the tiger’s two front paws, tenaciously holding on and thus preventing the tiger from moving. Unfortunately, Ribbon had forgotten that tigers have teeth.
Unfortunately, Lightning had forgotten that a bat was in the area.
So as he bent down to chomp Ribbon’s head off, Batty swooped down from out of nowhere, grabbed the tiger by the ear, and pulled with all his might so that the tiger was hovering a few inches above the ground--and so was everyone else.
“That’ll teach you a lesson,” Batty said.
Apparently Batty had forgotten that you weren’t supposed to talk with your mouth full, because everyone dropped out of the sky and landed right on top of a passing rhinoceros.

Moral of the story: Don’t talk with your mouth full.
Also, don’t land on tigers.
Don’t steal carrots.
Don’t steal carrots from grumpy white rabbits in particular.
Don’t mistake tigers’ tails for carrots.


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