Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Story Written with Video Conferencing Students

It was a hot, humid day in the middle of the rainforest. Peter Cottontail, Whitey, Fluffy, and Greenhat--a rabbit, a bat, another rabbit, and a clown--were stuck in the rainforest.
The rabbits had been hung up on a tree branch by their ears; Greenhat had been hung up by his hat (which was blue), and the bat by his feet.
“What a dreadful mess this is,” Fluffy said grumpily.
“This is very nasty. I haven’t had my breakfast,” Peter Cottontail said worriedly. “I can’t go too long without breakfast. It’s a very important meal.”
“Oh, be quiet, you!” Whitey the bat snapped. “You’re always going on about breakfast. You were the one who ate all of our food last night.”
“I was hungry,” Peter shouted.
“Quiet, you animals!” Onka, a chihuahua, yipped at them. “I can’t stand your chattering. You’ll be cooked soon, I’m sure.”
“Cooked?” the two rabbits said at the same time. It was a rabbit’s worst fear.
“I’ll be back in two minutes to check on you,” Onka said. “By that time, the water should be nice and hot!” he cackled. The animals stared at each other in fear from their perches on the tree branch.
“We have to escape!” Peter Cottontail said.
“Well, that’s easy,” the bat said in a dignified voice. “The villain Onka overlooked the fact that bats hang from their feet anyway.” And with that, the bat released himself and started flying, soaring over the tree branch.
“Hmmm…that gets me thinking--” the clown said. “Maybe we can flip ourselves over until we are untangled, then land on the ground and RUN!”
“Worth a try,” they replied.
They spun themselves dizzy, and it seemed like an eternity before they landed. They had landed successfully--but right in the middle of a bush of thorns. Just then they heard Onka’s shouting and yipping as he raced toward them.
“Run!” shouted Peter Cottontail.
He tore away from the thorny bush--and that is the story of how he lost his cottony tail.

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  1. Anonymous11:49 AM

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