Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Story Written with Video Conferencing Third Graders

It was a sunny September morning, and Jasmine, Diannela, and Dante were heading to the pool with all kinds of flotation devices.
Diannela was the first to jump in the water.
“It’s nice and cool!” she said happily.
Dante was more cautious, and tiptoed into the water anxiously.
“I’m not sure how well I can swim right now,” he said nervously.
“Oh, come on. You’re the best swimmer,” Jasmine said, smiling.
They were having fun swimming, doing underwater cartwheels, and back-floating when Angel came in. Although he was able to fool most people with the name, he was actually very bad-tempered.
When he saw Jasmine back-floating peacefully, he jumped right into the water next to her, sending water splashing everywhere--and up Jasmine’s nose. Coughing, she had to get out of the water.
“Hahahaha,” Angel snorted. “Can’t even back-float! I did that when I was two.” Diannela edged away from Angel, but he started splashing water all over, making it impossible to swim without holding your nose.
“Can you please stop that, Angel?” Dante asked politely.
“Oh, come on! You’re just being a scaredy-cat like usual,” Angel scoffed. “Can’t you take a little water?” he said, and with that, he sent a great wave right into Dante’s face.
Fed up with Angel’s annoying habits, they got out of the pool and went to speak with the Pool Manager. He listened and nodded.
“That Angel kid has been a problem around here, always splashing around and annoying other people,” he said. “Go back to the pool, I’ll solve your problem.”
Wondering what the solution was, Dante, Diannela, and Jasmine headed back to the pool to start swimming. Angel laughed and just sent more waves toward them. But, to their great astonishment, they saw the water quickly draining, until they were standing up with water up to their ankles.
“What’s happening?” Angel demanded, stomping his feet.
“Until you start playing nice, the pool is staying dry,” the manager said. Angel frowned, but said,
“Okay, I’m sorry.”
The water slowly began to rise, and the four swam without any further incident.


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